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About Us
MedTech Catalyst was founded by Michael Sinsheimer, a 28 year veteran of the medical products’ marketing and strategic planning field. Mr. Sinsheimer believes that the combination of experts such as physician inventors, patent lawyers, regulatory advisors, product development professionals and keen management are all necessary for early-stage medical technology companies to stand a chance of commercial success. MedTech Catalyst provides the management expertise, consulting services, and a network of professional vendors to help physicians and academic medical centers translate concepts into reality.



Michael Sinsheimer's Bio

Mr. Sinsheimer has worked and/or co-founded several early stage medical device companies after spending his early career at Fortune 50, Pfizer, Inc. At Pfizer, Mr. Sinsheimer was promoted to Marketing Manager within 13 months of being an Assistant Marketing Manager bypassing the Associate Marketing Manager level. As Marketing Manager, Mr. Sinsheimer turned around a declining brand, Rid, through the creation and execution of a new marketing plan that remained in place for years and was responsible for Rid gaining market share leadership. After this success, Mr. Sinsheimer was placed on the second largest business in the Consumer Health Care division at that time, Ben-Gay. 

While in the Ben-Gay position, he was recruited to be the number 2 executive at a start-up dental implant company running the marketing, regulatory and strategic planning functions. This start-up, Straumann USA, was the US subsidiary of a Swiss company that had failed to penetrate the US market on two separate occasions. Mr. Sinsheimer believed that the technology was superior to anything on the US market, but the strategic approach and positioning of the technology had been flawed. He set out to create a new marketing and educational plan for the Company and had tremendous success. The Company does approximately $80 million in revenue per year today. Since leaving Straumann, Mr. Sinsheimer has advised many early-stage healthcare products companies and some large companies.
Since 2006, Mr. Sinsheimer through MedTech Catalyst has founded or co-founded several medical device and diagnostic companies.  During this time period, he has raised over $20M and negotiated several strategic partnerships for the portfolio companies. 

Mr. Sinsheimer has a Masters of Business Administration from New York University and a Masters in Health Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mr. Sinsheimer serves on the Executive Board of Directors of Care Ring (Formerly Community Health Services) in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Mr. Sinsheimer serves on the Executive Board of the Children & Family Services Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He is passionate about striving to improve the healthcare system and patient care through the development and commercialization of compelling technology.  He has founded or co-founded over a dozen medical technology firms and raised over $30 million to translate ideas to their commercial endpoint.  He has recently been the lead in acquiring a point-of-care diagnostics company which will form the commercial infrastructure of a new analyte that is targeted to effectively measure sepsis and cardiovascular disease.

MedTech Catalyst is recognised by the medical community for its ability to innovate and enhance technology to meet the challenges of the day.  Partner with us to bring great medical ideas to market.

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