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Select Accomplishments
  • Raised in excess of $30M in institutional and angel funding.
  • Sold exclusive distribution rights of portfolio company for 7 figures while locking up distribution deal with value of over $30M.
  • Sold rights to proprietary orthopedic plate to strategic partner while also maintaining significant upside of the technology.
  • Secured grant funding in excess of $3M for several portfolio companies including from the National Institutes of Health, matching state grants and funding from the IRS' Therapeutic Discovery Project. 
  • Took two early stage companies out of bankruptcy and continued development with strategic partnership discussions initiated.
  • Licensed multiple medical device and diagnostic technologies from leading academic medical centers.
  • Acquired point-of-care diagnostic company to integrate proprietary new analyte measure as a way to efficiently and cost-effectively have a commercial infrastructure in place for new product launch.

MedTech Catalyst is recognised by the medical community for its ability to innovate and enhance technology to meet the challenges of the day.  Partner with us to bring great medical ideas to market.

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